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Contact Us: 919-602-0197                                                                       Copyright © Built On Trust, H, I, & R.  All Rights Reserved

Contact Us: 919-602-0197                                                                       Copyright © Built On Trust, H, I, & R.  All Rights Reserved

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Applications and Forms

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Download RENT Application Form


* We strongly recommend to read carefully the Applications and to follow the instructions to fill them up, to avoid delays, lost of Fees or denials.

* Our Tenants screening is done through several services like, and


* QUALIFICATIONS: In order to submit an application, your Gross Monthly Income MUST be at least 3 times the monthly rent amount.


Items required to process application:

• Driver’s License

• Proof of Social Security Number

• Application Fee; Payable by cash, check, money order or online  in our website

• Two recent paystubs; If  recently  employed, provide copy  of  Offer Letter; If self-employed, copy of last year’s tax return

• Pet  application (one per pet) with recent picture of  pet(s).

* To Schedule an Appointment for seeing the Rental Properties, send us an email with you contact information, HERE.

* If you have submitted an Application either online, email or by Registered Mail, and you have not received a CONFIRMATION of Reception from us within 48 hr, please contact us.

You can Download the current Applications on pdf format.